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Dust Leakage Of Bag Dust Collector
Jul 04, 2018

Carefully check the dust-removing bag to clean the air inflatable chamber, located at the top of the tube plate.

When troubleshooting the bag dust collector, check if the leak site is leaking. If excessive dust leakage occurs, check first and make sure the dust-removing bag is installed correctly. Any incorrect installation of dust-removing bags should be reinstalled. Look for signs of dust on the tube plate around the dust-removing bag.


Check the clean air room for the leak visual inspection of the clean air inflatable room to find the dust source. If you can't determine the source of the leakage, you can use the phosphor that glows under the dark. In the dye test, a certain amount of phosphor is introduced into the entrance of the bag dust collector, running with the current fan and closing the cleaning system. Every 1000 flat. Fang Yingchi's medium uses about 1/2 pounds of powder. Next, turn off the fan and check the clean air chamber in the dark. The leak point will make a bright fluorescent color, more obvious in a dark or dark environment. Keep your dust removal equipment in proper operation to maintain compliance with national regulations and maximize product returns. The yield is very important. Troubleshooting is a key part of the whole system operation.

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