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Dust Filters Bag Cleaning Bad? How To Do?
Apr 24, 2018

First, the bad cleaning of filter bags is mainly manifested in: The frequency of cleaning ash is frequent and the time of ash cleaning is too long. 

The excessive frequency of ash removal easily loosens the fabric of the filter bag and increases the fine dust in the exhaust gas to block the filter bag. If the dust removal time is too long, the initial dust layer on the filter bag surface will be cleaned together; the ash removal time is too short, the dust on the filter bag surface will be filtered before it is completely cleaned, and the dust will gradually accumulate on the filter bag surface. As a result, the filter bag is clogged. 

The main reasons of filter bag clogging are too high filtration wind speed, fine dust, sticky dust, poor filter bag cleaning and damp filter bag. The pulse bag dust collector usually uses compressed air to spray the soot. The compressed air contains more oil, water and impurity. If the filter bag is directly injected into the filter bag without purification, the filter bag will be polluted and dampened will result in dew. If the precipitator is dealing with high temperature and humidity, once the cold compressed air is injected, the condensation will occur on the filter bag surface if the temperature of dew point is reached, and a large amount of dust will be adhered to the filter bag. 

If you want to avoid jammers caused by impurities in compressed air, you must always open the gas storage tank every day, the triple parts of the air source, the drain valve of the pulse valve separator to remove oil and water dirt, and the refrigerated dryer and heater can be installed before the pulse valve separator. The compressed air is further dehydrated and heated and then injected into the filter bag for ash removal.

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