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Do You Know How To Improve The Efficiency Of Bag Dust Collector?
May 03, 2018

1.The selection of filter bag: the filter bag should be selected according to its corresponding working conditions, suitable material filter bag, such as polyester needle felt, acrylic needle felt, aramid needle felt, PPS needle felt, glass fiber composite needle felt, etc. According to the characteristics of dust under working conditions, the wear resistance, durable high temperature, acid and alkali resistance of filter bags should be fully taken into account. If a certain characteristic of filter material is to be added, the cloth bags can also be covered with film, sintered, pre-coated and so on. 

2. the control of temperature: the continuous temperature of ordinary normal temperature polyester needle felt filter bag is 130 ℃, the constant temperature of ordinary temperature Asian keli needle felt filter bag is 125 ℃, and the continuous temperature of high temperature PPS needle felt filter bag is 160 ℃. The temperature of the high temperature aramid needle felt filter bag is 204 ℃ continuously, so the inlet temperature of the treatment facility should be controlled below the temperature that it can bear according to the type of filter bag, so that when the flue gas passing through the long smoke pipe reaches the dust collector box, The temperature can be lowered below the acceptable temperature of the filter bag. In special cases, the coolers can be installed at the main flue pipe by water cooling. 

3.Third, fan selection: cloth bag dust collector than fan effect. 

4.Fourth, mechanical dust removal is more convenient and clean than manual dust removal, but the cost of mechanical dust removal is high.

5. Fifth, air leakage and resistance: theoretically, the dust removal efficiency of cloth bag dust collector is up to 99%, but it can not be achieved in the actual measurement. It is mainly the influence of air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect; the resistance has certain influence on the dust removal effect. Therefore, we often empty the filter bag; reduce resistance, to improve the dust removal effect of bag dust collector. 

6.Sixth, the dust collecting cover of the bag dust collector should be as close as possible to the furnace head, so that the dust can enter the cover more easily, increase the amount of dust collection, and reduce the pollution of unorganized discharge. Equipment maintenance: equipment and cloth bags are easily damaged, should be repaired and replaced in time. 

7.Airflow velocity: at the velocity of 1 ~ 3 m / s, dust removal is the best, and the general wind speed is controlled at 2 ~ 4 m / s.

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