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Discharge Of Smoke And Dust From Bag Dust Collector Exceeds The Standard
Apr 03, 2018

Filter bag breakage

The filter bag is damaged because of mechanical wear, oxidation corrosion or Mars burning. At this time, a large amount of dust-containing airflow is gushing out from the damaged place, which results in dust removal failure. At this time, the discharge concentration of soot at the outlet of the bag dust collector is often more than the standard.

Inadequate matching between filter bag and tube sheet

Between the size of the bag head and the tube sheet and the improper installation of the filter bag, it is easy to occur the situation that the filter bag and the orifice of the floral plate are not well matched. At this time, the dust-containing airflow leaks out from the edge of the bag head, resulting in the dedusting failure.

Actual filtration speed is too high

Due to improper design or large increase of actual flue gas volume, the actual filtration wind speed is too high, and the emission concentration is often higher than the standard.

Lax sealing of bypass valves

For the dust collector with bypass valve, the dust-containing gas will not be dusted and lead to the outlet flue because the seal is not strict. At this time, it is also easy to occur the situation of discharge exceeding the standard.

Removal of ashClean clean air chamber and outlet flue ash, and carry out regular cleaning in follow-up maintenance work.

Correct ash removal settings

Too much cleaning pressure and too high cleaning frequency will make the cake layer on the filter bag surface too thin, so it is difficult to achieve a truly effective filtration state.At this time, the cleaning pressure should be reduced, the ash cleaning period should be prolonged, the cake layer on the surface of the filter bag should be stabilized and the pressure difference of the dust collector should be within a reasonable range.

There are a variety of reasons for exceeding the standard of soot emission in bag dust catcher. The whole dust collection system should be thoroughly checked when such problems are encountered. From this point of filter bag to the whole three-dimensional structure of bag dust collector, it is necessary to make a careful diagnosis and analysis.Only by examining the potential causes one by one and solving the problems one by one, can we really solve the problem and reach the goal of discharging smoke and dust up to standard.

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