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Classification, Manufacture And Application Of Cages
Aug 09, 2018

Classification of cage,

Elliptic, Diamond, trapezoid, Star, Spring, etc.

Circular structure, uniform distribution of longitudinal reinforcement and backbrace ring of bag cage, sufficient strength and stiffness to prevent damage and deformation, cold stamping short pipe installed at the top of bag cage to ensure the perpendicularity of bag cage and to protect the safety of filter bag mouth during injection.

1.The filter bag frame has enough stiffness to withstand the gas pressure of the filter bag in the filter and ash removal state.

2. All solder joints of the filter bag frame are welded firmly, the surface of the welding area is smooth and free from cracks and pits. Do not remove welding, virtual welding and leakage welding.

3. the filter bag frame and filter bag contact surface smooth, no welding scar, uneven and burr.

The surface of the filter bag frame is anticorrosive, heat-resistant, and the treatment layer is not peeling.

4.The skeleton material is made of 20 # carbon steel, and the skeleton production line is used once to ensure the straightness and distortion. The filter bag frame is smooth and burr free after impact welding, and it has sufficient strength not to remove welding, no dewelding, virtual welding and leakage welding.

5. the bag cage adopts the spray plastic technology, the coating is firm, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It avoids the corrosion of the skeleton surface after the dust collector works for a period of time and the filter bag adhesion, which ensures the change of bag and reduces the damage to the cloth bag in the process of changing the bag.


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