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Cages Measurement Of Bag House
Jul 10, 2018

The cages is named for its working properties, that is, the frame of the cages bag, which is equivalent to the skeleton of the human bone, and plays the role of supporting and raising the dust bag, which is equivalent to the rib of the cloth bag dust collector, and is also called the dust removal frame, the dust bag cage. For dust bag, cloth bag dust collector has played a decisive role. Without the support of dust removal framework, the dust bag can not complete the whole process of ash removal, and the bag dust collector can not play its role.

1. Measure the diameter of the dust collector plate , and the outer diameter shall be smaller than the size of the inner diameter of the tube sheet and the dust removal cloth bag

2. The total length of the skeleton is less than 5 centimeters of the dust collector bag, or as short as possible, not too long, otherwise the filter bag is subjected to the dust removal cages.


3. The Venturi tube of dust removal skeleton is processed by reasonable streamline and material of the same thickness. The streamline shape of the Venturi tube determines the intensity of the jet flow and the thorough cleaning of ash.


4.The diameter of the cages is the best after measuring the diameter of the manufacturer's standard size, which can save a lot of unnecessary die making and consumption.


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