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Bottom And Outer Wear Of Filter Bag
Sep 02, 2018

There are obvious wear marks on the damaged surface. Bottom sewing thread, filter material base cloth is ground, serious bag bottom breakage or whole fall off. This kind of wear is caused by excessive material level in the ash hopper, and the dust particles are raised to wash the bottom of the bag directly, resulting in wear. By increasing the quantity of ash discharging in ash hopper and adjusting the working system of dust removal in dust collector, the swirl wear filter bag can be avoided by avoiding the excessive accumulation of dust and the formation of eddy current wear filter bag in the dust hopper. The inside wear of the bottom of the filter bag is often seen in the bottom of the bag cage is too small or the filter bag is too long, the bag cage can only support the bottom part of the bag. The bottom of the filter bag is swayed when the filter bag is cleaned and the inside of the bottom of the filter bag is worn out.

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