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Analysis Of Physical Damage Of Filter Bag
Feb 27, 2018

In recent years , environmental protection has attracted attention in various industries , and most of our industries are using pulse - filtering bag - type dust collector , including in the construction project , a large number of pulse bag filters are used . The pulse bag - type dust collector has many advantages , small volume , high filtering wind speed , small floor area , easy maintenance and the like . However , the use of dust removal equipment and the use of filter bags by the majority of the customers are not understood , and it is even a clue . In order to solve the problem and the corresponding problem solving process in the use of the customer , the problem of using the pulse dust filter bag and the treatment method are now arranged to provide a large number of users .


Filter bag mouth position

1) most of the bag mouth damage is within 400% of the bag mouth. The damage marks are mostly from the inside out. The surface layer is blown off by compressed air, then the base cloth is blown out, and finally the filter surface is also blown out. When one side of the filter bag is damaged, The smoke usually passes from the position where the resistance is the least. The smoke goes straight through the clean chamber from the damaged place. The dust will wash the diagonal angle of the damaged place when the smoke passes, resulting in the annular damage of the bag mouth and even the separation of the bag head and the bag body.

The damage is caused by too high compressed air, skewed blowpipe, deformation of floral plate and so on. After adjustment, breakage can be avoided.

(2) the bag mouth of the filter bag is damaged in the groove position, and the damage marks are mostly from the outside to the inside. The groove is ground and the bag head falls off when it is serious.

Damage is due to improper installation or small bag diameter.

(3) the outer edge of the filter bag was damaged in the length range of the blowpipe and the floral plate, the damage marks were from outside to inside, the fiber and the base cloth were worn or worn, and even fell off.

The reason of the breakage is that most of them are not installed well, the bag mouth is small or the pressure difference is too high, so that the filter bag is removed from the top of the perforated plate on the blowpipe or the cover board of the dust collector, and the final friction is damaged, which is often seen on the dust removal of blast furnace gas.


Pocket position of filter bag

(1) strip wear on the outside of filter bag

If signs of damage from the inside out, broken bag cage vertical bar, that is the vertical bar connecting bag cage or rust, will wear off the bag or injection pressure is too high, blowing too frequently, so that the bag and the bag cage contact position of fracture failure. The replacement of folding bag cage or adjust the blowing device can solve the problem.

2. If the breakage track is broken outwardly and outwardly, it will be damaged on the vertical cage. It means that the deformation of the bag can cause the friction between the filter bag and the filter bag to cause damage, and the replacement of the bag cage can avoid breakage.

(2) filter bag surface has progressive wear, mostly on the lower part of the support ring of the bag cage, while the upper part is very small. Such breakage is caused by dust scour. The problem is caused by uneven air distribution and high filtration speed.


Filter bag underside damage

The damage of the lower side of the filter bag is more than 300mm above the bottom of the filter bag, most of the damage is on one side, the lower part is the most serious, and gradually lighten up. The local sewing thread will be worn off. Good strength of sewing thread without wear. Such breakage occurs more frequently in perforated plates, where the spacing of perforated plates is too tight, and the pouch cage is deformed. The filter bag is too long and so on. Some of the filter bags and dust collector box wall friction damage. This kind of damage should be strictly checked the perforated plate flatness, the error should be one square meter small, less than 1 / 1000, should use the well-made bag cage.

(2) the annular damage in the lower part of the filter bag is more common in the dust collector with higher filtration speed or the dust with stronger grinding ability. When the side of the filter bag is damaged, the dust scour the damaged diagonal, and the damage expands with time. Serious damage of filter bag can lead to annular fracture of filter bag.

3) the inner wear of the lower part of the filter bag is often seen in the contact position with the bag cage, most of which are caused by too big difference in diameter between the bag cage and the bottom of the bag cage, which results in too large the change range of the filter bag ash removal and filter, and the wear and tear of the bag cage. The replacement of the high quality bag cage can be solved.

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