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An Implementation Scheme For The Transformation Of Electrostatic Precipitator To Bag House
Mar 15, 2018

An implementation Scheme for the Transformation of Electrostatic Precipitator to bag house

The electric precipitator is transformed into a bag dust collector implementation scheme

1, removing all kinds of components inside and on the top of the electrostatic precipitator, including pole plate, pole line, vibrating device, upper and lower frame, rectifier transformer, perforated plate and top cover plate, etc. Usually only one shell is left.

2. Installing the inlet and outlet flue baffle valve of the dust collector. Some revamping may involve the transformation of the inlet and outlet of the flue and precipitator. The quantity of flue gas entering each chamber should be calculated accurately, and the airflow distribution experiment should be carried out to ensure that the air flow in each chamber is relatively uniform.

3. The flue gas guide plate and the airflow distribution device should be installed in the shell of the dust collector. The design of the guide plate should be considered to prevent abrasion.

4. According to the position of the clean air chamber and passage, install the hole door, window, aisle and escalator. The opening door should be sealed and insulated. The window should be set up to see the dust accumulation of the flower board conveniently from the outside of the dust collector.

5, selection and installation of filter bag. The selection of bag filter mainly depends on the amount of flue gas, flue gas temperature, composition of flue gas, dust characteristics, size of dust collector, installation requirements and cost.

6. Install the clean air chamber and the top cover. The design height of the clean air chamber should be connected with the installation of the bag cage. The design of the top cover should take into account the arrangement of the ash cleaning pipe and other equipment and the operation of the lifting device.

7 Installation of ash removal system. Ash removal system mainly includes compressed air equipment and pipeline, pulse valve, gas storage tank, spray pipe and related electrical components. Generally, there are three kinds of ash cleaning devices, namely, differential pressure automatic backblowing, Time relay automatic ash cleaning and manual cleaning. According to the filter bag service life and dust accumulation.

8. Installation of protective system, including bypass flue, inlet flue gas overtemperature alarm and emergency cooling device of dust collector. In order to prevent boiler ignition fuel from damaging filter bag, the installation of bypass flue involves the connection and cooperation between boiler and dust collector, Especially when switching from bypass flue to dust collector body, the negative pressure of furnace hall will fluctuate greatly, which requires the automatic device of negative pressure in furnace to reflect quickly and move flexibly. The other is the smoke temperature. The century smoke temperature of most boilers in China is above the designed value, and some of the excess temperature ranges are still large, which must be controlled by operation and commissioning and putting in soot blower. In addition, an emergency alarm and emergency cooling device can be added to the flue.

9. Special agent instrument and control device. The high voltage power supply in the control room of the original electrostatic precipitator can be "please out". After reforming the electrical and thermal control circuit, it can be installed in the bag dust collector plc and PC machine.

10Transform boiler dcs and operation rules to suit the operation and management of bag dust collector.

11. Transform the induced fan and motor.

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