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Adjustment, Maintenance And Repair Of Pulse Bag Dust Collector
Mar 01, 2018

Maintenance and repair of pulse bag dust collector:

1. After the dust collector is put into operation, there should be a special person to manage the maintenance, be familiar with the working principle and technical performance of the dust collector, master the adjustment and maintenance method, inspect every class and establish the operation record.

2. Compressed air oil and water separators, filters, and gas tanks discharge one to two times per shift.

3. Filter materials for compressed air should be replaced every 2 -6 months.

4. Pulse control instruments and electromagnetic pulse valves should be inspected by special person; each shift should not be less than twice, check their injection is normal, if there is trouble, should be immediately removed.

5. Electromagnetic pulse valves should be cleaned every three months and replaced with breakable parts.

6. Check the change of U pressure gauge frequently. If it exceeds or falls below the specified range, find out the cause. Generally adjust the injection cycle by pulse controller.

7. If the exhaust port has the phenomenon of ash, it should check whether the filter bag is off, broken, whether the frame pressure plate is loose, whether the rubber cushion is aging, and can open the upper box to judge.

8) If the exhaust port is found to be excessive ash removal after each injection, the ash removal period should be adjusted.

9. Mechanical transmission parts should be regularly injected with lubricating oil to replace easily damaged parts.

10Rubber seals should be replaced regularly.

11Check the condition of the filter bag every six months.

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