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20 Million Penalty Penalty For Air Pollution Control Era Approaching
Mar 28, 2018

Recently, the media reported that the Texas Jinghua Group Zhenhua Co., Ltd. was fined 21.9836 million yuan for exceeding the emission standard. The fine will be used to repair the air quality in Texas. This is the first air pollution lawsuit in China. The high fine of more than 20 million yuan reflects the fact that our country has stepped up its efforts to punish environmental pollution. In the context of increasing environmental problems and the state's emphasis on environmental protection, enterprises that are not friendly to the environment are severely punished, and at the same time, Air pollution control industry will ushered in unprecedented opportunities for development.

Air, water and soil are the three most serious areas of environmental pollution in China. The corresponding means of environmental protection are air pollution control, water treatment and soil remediation. Compared with the latter two items, the marketization of air pollution treatment is relatively low. This is because air pollution by the weather is easy to transfer, local governments shirk each other, and positive governance is not high.

As China's economy shifts and concerns become increasingly focused on environmental issues, this is no longer the case. Given the difficulty of tackling air pollution, the country's investment in this area is increasing.

The report on the market outlook and investment strategy for China's air pollution control industry provided by the Forward-Prospecting Industrial Research Institute points out that from 2010 to 2014, the state's investment in air pollution control was 18.82 billion yuan, 21.17 billion yuan, 25.77 billion yuan, 29.35 billion yuan and 33.75 billion yuan, respectively. The country then raised its investment target of 1.7 trillion yuan from 2013 to 2017 to 1.84 trillion yuan in order to continue to promote the development of air pollution control.


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