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Why do your dust filter bags change so frequently?
Apr 24, 2018

The filter bag has excellent chemical properties and is the representative of high performance in the filter media industry. It is also the high performance variety of all the commonly used filter materials. The filter efficiency and the filtration precision are all up to a high level. But many users will find that you need to replace the filter bag often to increase their production costs, so why do you change the filter bag so often?

First, burning

The main reason for the burning of dust filter bag is that the initial layer thickness is not enough and the flue gas temperature is too high. If the working conditions of the long-term treatment of the flue gas temperature ultrafiltration bag of the dust collector, it is easy to make the filter bag harden and shrink, or melt to produce a hole. If the initial layer thickness is not enough, the Mars in the smoke, or dust heating, may also cause the dust filter bag to burn holes. Since the dust filter bag was not precoated after on-line replacement, the high temperature flue gas carried Mars directly into the filter bag, which easily caused the dust removal filter bag to be burned. The measures to prevent burning are to ensure the thickness of the initial layer on the surface of the dust filter bag and to ensure that the exhaust smoke temperature is not overheated.

Second, wear

Wear filter bag mainly occurs in the middle of the dust collector. The main reasons are the uneven distribution of flue gas, the high velocity of flow in the middle part of the single chamber, and the excessive velocity of the filter gas at the outlet of the single dust-removing bag, which results in dust impact, abrasion of the filter bag, and damage to the fabric fiber tension of the dust-removing filter bag. 

Easy local bag perforation, short service cycle. It is necessary to replace the dust filter bag with wear-resistant filter bag for the frequently worn parts. 

Third, the distance between the filter bags is too small, cage bone bending is easy to cause wear between the filter bags. The difference between the diameter of the filter bag and the cage bone is not good when the cleaning effect is too small, which will reduce the cleaning period and increase the pressure of air injection. When the filter bag is too large, the friction between the filter bag and the cage bone will accelerate the wear and tear. Special attention should be paid to some filter cloth, which vary greatly with temperature and have the characteristics of elongation.

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