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What will the filter speed of bag filter affect?
Mar 02, 2018

1. What is the filtration wind speed: the filtration velocity is an important technical and economic index to reflect the gas handling ability of the bag dust collector, which has a great influence on the work and performance of the bag dust collector.

2. The influence of the wind speed on the equipment: when the filter wind speed is high, the filter area and volume can be reduced, the area occupied by the filter can be reduced, and the investment will be reduced. However, the high selection of the filtering wind speed will affect the efficiency of dust removal, increase the difficulty of ash removal and increase the filtration resistance. Reducing the service life of the dust filter bag leads to an increase in operating and maintenance costs. In fact, choosing wind speed is a more complicated task, and it is not enough to look at the above advantages and disadvantages in isolation. The most important problem is to solve this problem. Wind speed is a difficult problem for dust removal accessories. In recent years, under the condition of more and more strict environmental protection requirements, it is also very important to reasonably select the filter speed of dust collector in the design of cloth bag dust removal equipment.

3, improve the influence of wind speed: under the premise of constant air rate, increasing filtration speed can save filter material and improve the treatment ability of filter material. But after increasing filtration speed, the resistance of equipment increases, energy consumption increases, and operating cost increases. At present, excessive filtration speed compacts the dust layer accumulated on the filter bag and increases the filtration resistance. As the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter bag is large, fine dust seeps into the filter media, even through the filter material. The high filtration speed will result in the formation of dust layer on the filter material, which will cause excessive ash removal, increase energy consumption and shorten the service life of the filter bag.

4. What are the aspects of low wind speed: at low filtration speed, the pressure loss is low, the efficiency is high, but the filter bag area is also increased, the volume of the dust collector, the area occupied by the dust collector, and the investment cost should also increase. When the dust is fine or difficult to capture, the temperature of dust gas is high, the concentration of dust is high and the moisture content of flue gas is high.

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