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What are the physical properties of dust?
Apr 14, 2018

The physical properties of dust mainly include the following aspects:

Particle size distribution, also known as dispersity, refers to the percentage of particles of various sizes in dust.The particle size distribution is called counting particle size distribution measured according to the number of dust particles, and the particle size distribution is called weight particle size distribution according to weight measurement.

Density, the density measured after the void in the dust is called true density, and the density measured in the void in the non-discharge dust is called false density or stacking density.

Specific resistance refers to the sum of the resistivity of the dust body and its surface chemical film.

Grindability, which refers to the degree of difficulty and ease of grinding particle dust, expressed by the ratio of energy consumption or time of grinding under the same conditions between the dust to be tested and the standard dust.

Rest angle (stationary angle, natural dip angle, refers to the bottom angle where dust is deposited naturally on the horizontal plane to form a cone.

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