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wet precipitator
Aug 29, 2018

The advantages of wet precipitator: the cost of wet dust collector is relatively low, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 95% when water is used as dust removal medium. For chemical, paint, paint and other industries with moisture, sticky and irritant smell of dust is the best way to remove dust. Because not only dust can be removed, but also some odors can be removed by using water. If it is a harmful gas (such as a small amount of sulfur dioxide, hydrochloric acid fog, etc.), it can be absorbed by the absorbent prepared in the washing solution.


Disadvantages: high energy consumption, large water consumption, mud and wastewater treatment, equipment corrosion. Cold areas should pay attention to antifreeze, treatment of high-temperature smoke, will form white smoke, is not conducive to diffusion. Wet dust collector can be used as desulphurization precipitator by adding desulphurizer in water tank.


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