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The main advantages of PTFE coated dust bag are
Jul 06, 2018

1. High filtration efficiency.Coated filter bags can intercept micron-sized ultra-fine dust, especially PM2, which is harmful to human health. 5 particles, the dust removal rate can reach 99. Above 99%, and after cleaning, the original pore size and void ratio are not changed, the dust removal efficiency is kept in a high level, and almost zero emission is realized. At the same time, it can also be used for recovering ultra-fine particle products, reducing product consumption, and realizing energy saving and emission reduction. To meet the discharge requirements.

2. Smooth running resistance, easy to clean. Although the resistance of membrane coated filter media is higher than that of ordinary filter media at the beginning of use, with the increase of operation time, the resistance does not increase rapidly with the time prolonging, and the ash removal effect is good, the ash removal period is long, and the ash removal pressure is low. The friction force and friction coefficient between dust and filter material are reduced.

3.High air flux and long service life. Due to the smooth water repellent surface of the coated filter material, the dust removal is thorough, the high ventilation is always maintained, the contradiction between filtration and ash removal is solved well, and the service life of the filter bag is improved.


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