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The distinction between online ash removals and off - line ash removal of bag dust collector
Apr 18, 2018

firstly, high - pressure pulse air from a pulse electromagnetic valve is ejected at a high speed through a blowing hole above the center of the filter bag through a gas transmission pipe from a pulse electromagnetic valve, the neck of the venturi tube above the filter bag is penetrated, dust on the surface of the filter bag is peeled off, dust falls into the ash hopper, and the clean gas is discharged out of the machine through a clean air chamber. The problem of on - line ash removal of bag dust collector is that the high - pressure pulse air is generated by high - pressure air flow flushing and filtering bag which is in reverse direction with the main gas flow to shake the filter bag, remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag, the dust falls into the ash hopper at the lower part of the dust collector, and the dust falls into the ash hopper located at the lower part of the dust collector.

Second, the off-line cleaning of bag dust remover requires that the dust remover be designed as a multi-chamber combination, which can be used to remove ash from the main airflow when a filter room needs to be cleanedThe filter chamber is isolated by a valve installed at the inlet or outlet.The process lasts about 2 to 3 mins.As a result, the total filter area (or gross filter area) of the dust collector is reduced by one chamber during each cleaning operation.The reduction of total filtration area also leads to the reduction of effective filtration area (or net filtration area).Obviously is not economical, increased the capital construction investment, and the owner's desire is contrary.From this point of view than cloth bag dust cleaner online cleaning superior.However, separating the filter bag from the main airflow has many technical advantages:

1.The high pressure pulse air flow through the filter bag can remove ash effectively and the pressure is low.

2. The dust removed from the filter bag surface has enough time to fall into the ash hopper, and the chance of flying again is very small.

3.The frequency of ash removal decreased and the life span of the filter bag was prolonged.The number of pulse solenoid valves is small, which can reduce the amount of investment and maintenance.

4. The amount of compressed air needed for fine ash is less and electricity is saved.6, the dust removal efficiency is high, the dust collector can keep low pressure drop, the result is that the operation cost of the dust removal system is reduced.Because of the above advantages, the pulse jet bag dust collector with off line cleaning has been proved to be correct in practice.Therefore, it can be used in the waste gas treatment system of rotary kiln.

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