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Suggestion on correct installation of dust-removing bag
Mar 01, 2018

Proper bag installation is important to improve the life of the bag. Here are the recommended steps for installing the bag in the dust collector under the condition of removing the blowpipe:

The installation of the filter bag shall be carried out at the end of the whole installation of the dust collector (including heat preservation and anticorrosion work). Remove the blowpipe before installing the filter bag. Care should be taken to prevent the filter bag and its surrounding hard objects from being carried and stored. Contact with sharp-angle objects. Do not step on the foot, heavy pressure to avoid damage.

1. The filter bag should be kept away from the fire source, moisturize, avoid direct sunlight and other strong light, and prevent the heavy matter from squeezing. Before installation, every filter bag should be checked to prevent mechanical damage.

2. The installation personnel of the dust removal filter bag should be dressed and refined, the clothing pocket should be clean, and no cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other items should be carried. Do not fall into the filter bag. (If the filter bag falls into the sundries must be removed. Do not wear iron nails or rigid sole shoes for installation. The person installing the filter bag should be fixed; post fixed, clear responsibility, each of them to make a record of the filter bag installed by them, and sign the record book.

3 installation environment requirements of dust removal filter bag: adequate lighting at the installation site, no storage of non-installation equipment, sundries and so on.

(4) During the installation of the filter bag for dust removal, smoking is prohibited, welding and cutting in any form and any part is strictly prohibited. Under the condition of power failure, it is forbidden to use lighters, matches and other fire lighting. After the installation work is finished every day, the installation tools should be counted. Do not omit to fall into the filter bag to damage the filter bag.

5 filter bag installation requirements: it is recommended to install the bag by two people, one person will fold the bag vertically into the tube sheet, and the other person will hold and open the filter bag. The cage frame should be aligned with the center, gently put in, and ensure vertical.

6 installation inspection of dust removal filter bag: check that the joint ,joint is sealed and the sealing position is correct. Check whether the filter bag is vertical from the ash hopper, if it is found that the bottom of the filter bag collides or is incorrect, do a good record in time and adjustion of special person

7 the tube sheet after installation of dusting filter bag should be gradually covered with canvas so as to avoid sundries falling into the filter bag. When installing the blowpipe, the tube sheet should also be covered with canvas so as to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

8 the special attention should be paid to the installation of dust-removing filter bag: nozzle, Venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, filter bag and tube sheet, the deviation should be less than 2mm.

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