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Solving the problem of paste bag in dust-removing bag
Mar 16, 2018

In the current environment where environmental requirements are constantly improving, filter bags dust catchers are rapidly popularized in the fields of coal-fired power plants, waste incineration, iron and steel smelting, cement production, and so on, due to their superior filtration performance. At the same time, the phenomenon of "paste bag" in the use of dust-removing bag is more and more prominent.


The "paste belt" phenomenon of the dust-removing bag is due to the accumulation of dust inside the filter bag of the filter surface of the dust-removing bag during the long-term operation or shutdown of the dust-removing bag, under the conditions of high humidity or contact between the oily substance and the filter material. Adhesion or crust and can not be effectively removed by the online ash removal system, resulting in a significant increase in operational resistance.


In fact, the "pouch" situation does not happen instantaneously, but begins on the first day of the filter bag operation, and becomes more and more serious as the operating time goes on. It is not until one day when the resistance of dust collector caused by the "paste belt" seriously affects the operation of the dust removal system that it will get the attention of the maintenance personnel. In this case, the former solution is to replace the cloth bag, which is expensive. And time-consuming and laborious.


The treatment method of dust bag bag paste bag:

When the paste bag takes place, we first need to analyze the causes, and try to see whether the operation is improved or solved by adjusting the data of operation. If the effect is not obvious, we can choose the following methods.

1, choose on-site cleaning service. This is our professional service for the paste bag problem. It mainly uses air volume to clean cloth bags one by one at the scene. The advantage is that it doesn't need to remove cage bone and cloth bags. It only needs to remove the above blow pipe, which is more convenient and time-saving.

2, choose water washing service. Some domestic manufacturers provide such services. They need to be disassembled and packed and shipped to the service manufacturer, and then transported back after washing. It may take a long time, and it can not avoid the damage of fabric bags and the damage of water washing to filter material structure in the process.

3, for the pouch caused by dust penetration and oil dust, the owner can only choose the whole batch of filter bags.


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