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Selection of filter Media and filter bags
Apr 23, 2018

The quality o filter material of filter bag is related to the dust removal efficiency of bag type dust removal. The bad quality filter material will have a bad effect on the normal operation of the dust collector. 

This paper introduces the selection technique of dust removal filter material with filter bag: the proper material should be selected according to the operating environment and medium condition of the equipment. 

1. If the operating temperature of the filter bag is above 190 ℃ for a long period of time, consideration should be given to the use of pure PTFE filter material .P84, which can be used as a compound felt with PPS P84 needle felt because of its easy hydrolysis, usually with a P84 content of 10-15, mainly in order to further improve the filtration accuracy. Other performance does not change. 

2. The filter material used in the dust collector of power station is PPS P84, PTFE and so on, which is often used as PPS. If the moisture content is more than 10%, or the oxygen content is more than 10% and the temperature is more than 160C, PTFE impregnation is needed to improve the hydrolysis and oxidation resistance. 

3. Because of the high content of Sio and Al 2O  3 in the fly ash of power plant, the film on the surface of the coated filter material is easy to wear out in the process of ash cleaning, and then the membrane shedding occurs. Membrane-coated filter material is not suitable for the treatment of soot in coal-fired boilers. 

4. The PPS filter material used in the bag precipitator used in coal-fired power plant is the first choice because of its high performance-to-price ratio, but its oxidation resistance is poor. It is best to run at 160 ℃ with oxygen content below 9%, and its service life can exceed 30000 hours. For the filter bag, the filter material is an important part, and the quality of the filter material has a direct impact on the operation cost of the bag filter. Therefore, the majority of users in the use of dust filter bag must choose the appropriate filter material.

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