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Select according to the dust removal mode of the dust remover
Feb 05, 2018

Select according to the dust removal mode of the dust remover


The cleaning way of bag filter is another important factor in selecting the type of filter bag structure. Because of the different cleaning energy and deformation characteristic of filter bag, different kinds of filter bag with different structure should be selected.

Mechanical vibrating bag Dust Collector

Mechanical vibration type bag dust catcher is made of mechanical devices (including manual and electromagnetic vibration). "Pneumatic) a bag filter that vibrates and clears the dust. Such a filter is characterized by less kinetic energy applied to the dust layer and more times, so the filter bag is required to be thin and smooth and soft. The mechanical vibration bag dust collector should be made of satin or twill fabric of chemical fiber with thickness of 0. 3 mm~0.7 mm. per unit area mass 300 g / m? In 2006, the filtration speed was 0.6 ~ 1.0 m / min, which could be increased to 1.5 m / min for small units.

The compartmental-backblow bag dust collector adopts the compartmentalization structure, uses the valve to switch one chamber by one, forms the reverse airflow backblow, and causes the filter bag to shrink or inflate to clear ash the bag dust collector. It has the one state and the three states. Ash cleaning times 3 / 5 / h, ash cleaning power comes from the dust collector body of the use of pressure, in special cases only with the back blowing power, belong to the type of low kinetic energy ash cleaning, the filter bag should be light and soft. A thin filter bag, such as 729 m p 922 bag, which is easily deformed and stable in size. The filtering speed is equivalent to that of a mechanical vibratory dust collector.


Pulse injection bag dust collector

Pulse injection bag filter (PSP) is a kind of bag dust collector, which uses compressed air as power and uses pulse injection mechanism to release compressed airflow in an instant, which induces several times of secondary air to be injected into the filter bag at high speed and makes it expand rapidly. Bag dust catcher, which depends on shock vibration and reverse airflow, belongs to the type of high kinetic energy ash cleaning. It usually adopts outer filter round bag or flat bag with frame. It is required to select thick, wear-resistant and anti-tension bag. Chemical fiber needle felt or compressed felt filter bag is preferred, with a unit area of 500 ~ 650 g / m


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