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Ring wear at the bottom of the filter bag
Sep 03, 2018

The annular wear cavity is formed in the lower part of the filter bag. This kind of wear is caused by the local erosion of the filter bag by the dust and smoke gas, which indicates that the local airflow velocity of the filter bag is too large. When the filter bag side is damaged, the smoke dust scour the damage diagonal, along with the time goes on the damage continues to expand, the filter bag damage serious may cause the filter bag annular fracture. The inside wear of the lower part of the filter bag: it is mostly found in the contact position with the bag cage, most of which are too big difference between the bag cage and the bottom diameter of the bag cage, which results in the excessive change amplitude of the filter bag ash cleaning and filtering, and the wear and tear of the bag cage. Replacement of quality bag cage can be solved.

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