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Properties and characteristics of Glass fiber Chemical Fibers
Jul 13, 2018

This material stands out at high temperature. It can withstand continuous exposure at 260. It also resists most acids, but one important exception is hydrofluoric acid. Fluorine will gradually etch glass, strong alkali at room temperature and moderate alkalinity at high temperature will erode glass. Fiberglass is extremely resistant to flexural wear, and if pulse or ash removal is intense, it quickly breaks down. The brittleness of glass fabric makes it a good filter material for backblowing soot removal system, not in oscillating or pulse system. However, because of its low price, when the project requires low prices, dust removal equipment manufacturers also use glass fiber as a pulse bag filter. Using high temperature synthetic felt, the glass fiber on the pulse system is replaced to improve service life. Glass fiber brittle, especially vulnerable to flexural wear and damage. Under these conditions, it is recommended to replace it with high temperature synthetic fiber. Glass fabrics are generally used only to reduce costs and work at high temperatures.

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