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Opinions on dust collection in manufacturing enterprises
Aug 24, 2018

1.Should be concerned about air quality

2.Norms and standards to be observed

3.The dust collector can't be too small.

4.Protective accessories should be installed

5.Priority should be given to system maintenance

6.We should look for professional dust-removing bag manufacturers.


Fushun Tianyu Filtration Material Co., Ltd. produces dust filter bag in bag dust collector to provide customers with special custom service to meet the needs of customers under different working conditions, and has been fully recognized by the majority of users. Tianyu selected high quality Dahua fiber, made by international new technology, every square meter of filter material is treated with high temperature heat, which ensures the size stability of filter material to a great extent. According to the requirements of different working conditions, the filter material can be sintered, pressed, coated, impregnated, coated, waterproof and oil proof treatment. According to the requirements of the customer dust removal equipment, the duster bag is made to ensure the tight fit between the filter bag and the flower plate, and to avoid the leakage of dust from the orifice of the filter plate.

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