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Method of extending the service life of dust filter bag
Mar 13, 2018

The filter bag is the key element to determine the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter, and the cost of replacing the filter bag is the main maintenance cost of the bag filter. Therefore, the working life of the filter bag is related to the operation state and cost of the filter.

Selection of suitable filter material

The selection of filter materials should be based on the temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas, particle size, weight, shape, pecking ability, dust concentration, filtration speed, ash removal method, discharge concentration and the working system of the bag dust collector.

In general, needle felt is used for pulse jet bag dust collector and weaving cloth is used for backblowing bag filter or mechanical vibrating bag filter.

Reasonably designed structure

The structure of the filter bag should meet the requirements of filter and ash removal of the bag dust collector matched with the filter bag, and the installation is convenient, the seal is reliable, and the corresponding filter area and good filtering state are pursued. It is easy to clean ash and avoid wear as far as possible.

If the filter bag should be loosened with the frame, the glass fiber filter bag should be closely matched with the frame with small spacing, and the inner filter bag should take into account and set the pressure of the filter bag.

Exquisite sewing techniques

Advanced technology, sewing size to meet the design requirements, and according to the variety of filter materials and use temperature, reserved heat shrinkage size;

Complete equipment, reasonable stitch distance, no jump needle, broken thread, suture to meet the requirements;

Accessories of high quality, reasonable, no burr or break and damage the filter bag;

The whole filter bag has no holes, yarn hopping, fouling and other defects, and has proper packaging, no damage or dampness during storage and transportation. Glass fiber filter bag should not be heavy pressure, storage period is too long, otherwise it will affect the service life.


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