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Mechanical property of filter material
Apr 02, 2018

1. Tensile strengthAs a filter material, the light tensile strength is an important basic property, which can be measured by the tensile strength, the elongation, the load of 5 (or 10) stretch and the tensile rate of a certain load.The requirement of filter media is high tensile strength and low tensile rate.The longer the filter bag is, the greater the tensile strength is required, but the less strict the tensile strength requirement is for the filter bag made of skeleton.

2. Fracture strengthThe maximum load when the filter material is broken is the breaking strength, which is an important index to measure the strength of the filter material.Generally speaking; the looser filter material has higher breaking strength.

3. Wear resistanceWear resistance is an important index to evaluate the performance of filter media, which directly affects the service life of filter media.The wear resistance of filter media mainly depends on the types of fibers, the shape of fibers and yarns, the structure of filter bags and the manufacturing process.The wear of filter media includes dust and filter material, fiber and fiber, and the wear between filter media and cages

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