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Matters needing attention in the manufacture of dust collector bags
Jul 16, 2018

The fabric bag snap ring relates to the filter bag seal, the load bearing and so on important link, the spring blade break mostly occurs in the dust bag storage improper spring film oxidation corrosion or the spring piece steel is too hard too brittle, the former belongs to the customer reason, the latter belongs to the supplier reason. Spring plate too soft as long as it does not affect the filter bag installation will be no problem, if unable to install need to replace the supplier.


The use of wrong dust filter raw materials is the lowest error of suppliers, but there are a few suppliers to save costs to use. All filter materials on the filter bag should be made of the same material or replaced with high grade materials, but not made of low grade materials. For example, it is possible to use PTFE sewing thread for PPS filter bag and not to use glass fiber sewing thread.


The size of bag diameter determines the sealing of filter bag and perforated plate. Suppliers and customers should communicate well and avoid mistakes when processing new filter bag. If the diameter of the bag mouth is too large, the filter material can be removed at the equal distance between the groove of the bag mouth, the cutting length should not exceed 20 tons, and the outer diameter of the bag mouth can be reduced for installation. If the diameter of the bag mouth is too small, it can be outsourced at the mouth of the bag with the same material edge strip, and the length of the edge strip is adjusted according to the tight degree of the installation bag top

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