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Matters needing attention in selecting filter bag with moist gas
Feb 01, 2018

The wet gas makes the dust collected on the surface of the filter bag wet and bonded, especially for the absorbent, deliquescent and moist dust, which will lead to the paste bag. For this reason, the filter bag with smooth surface such as nylon and glass fiber should be selected, and the long fiber is easy to remove ash. Silicone oil, fluorocarbon resin as impregnation treatment, or acrylic acid, polytetrafluoroethylene and other substances on the surface of filter bag should be used to treat the filter bag. It should be the first choice of high humidity gas.

(2) When high temperature and humidity exist at the same time, the temperature resistance of filter bag will be affected, especially for the materials with poor hydrolytic stability, such as nylon, polyester and amides, which should be avoided as far as possible.

3) The circular filter bag should be adopted in the design of the wet gas filter bag, and the flat filter bag and the diamond filter bag with very compact arrangement should not be used as far as possible.

(4) the inlet temperature of dust-containing gas in dust collector should be 10-30 higher than that of gas dew point.

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