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Introduction to the working principle of Dust Collector
Apr 12, 2018

The working mechanism of bag dust catcher is that the dust is filtered through the filter material, the coarse dust is mainly collected by inertia collision, and the fine dust is collected by diffusion and screening.The dust layer of filter media also has certain filtration function.The dust removal effect of bag dust collector is related to many factors, but mainly depends on filter material.The filter material of the bag filter is synthetic fiber, cloth or felt made of natural fiber or fiberglass.Sew the cloth or felt into a cylinder or flat filter bag as needed.According to the properties of flue gas, the filter media suitable for the application condition was selected.Usually, when the flue gas temperature is lower than 120 ℃, the filter material is required to have acid resistance and durability, polyester fiber wool cloth and polyester needle felt are often used, and graphitized glass silk cloth is mainly used in the treatment of high temperature flue gas (< 250 ℃).In some special cases, carbon fiber filter media and so on.It is very important to control the speed of flue gas passing through filter media in the operation of bag dust collector.Generally, the filtration rate is 0.5-2m / min, and the particle efficiency is over 99% for the particles larger than 0.1m, and the resistance loss of the equipment is about 980-I470Pa.

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