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Installation of filter bags
Jun 26, 2018

1.Hold the open end of the bag by hand while keeping the rest of the bag folded and push the folded bag into the sleeve to pass through the tube sheet. After the folding part of the filter bag is opened under the tube plate, release the top of the filter bag and place the slot cushion coil on the sleeve on the tube sheet.


2.Allow the weight of the bag to be fixed slowly, and let the metal ring pull out the sleeve from the top of the bag. Set the sleeve in the tube sheet.


3.Hold the grooved gasket coil with both hands (without pulling the filter bag up), and press the ring in with both hands to form a "C" shape. While keeping the ring "C" shape, place the grooved coil protruding side to the nearest floral hole. One hand holds one side of the C-shaped ring which has been mounted and the other hand fastens the raised C-shaped to the edge of the tube sheet.


1. One hand fixed one side of the raised "C" ring, the other hand slowly extended the other side of the ring. The groove of the spring ring is embedded in the orifice of the tube sheet.


2. If the sound of "snap" cannot be heard when the coil is completely extended, the ring is pushed to the inner edge of the plate with a primary finger, so that the groove of the ring is just embedded in the inner edge of the orifice of the tube sheet.


6.Normally, a snap should be heard, otherwise the ring will buckle from another position to a "C" shape. Lift the coil above the floral plate and repeat the above installation steps.


7.Install the dust filter bag cage into the filter bag. In installation, be careful to slowly put the cages into the filter bag, if there is greater resistance, then pull back up a little, then gently put down, if still large resistance, repeat, until easy to put down. Prevent the frame corner from scratching the filter bag! It is forbidden to impact the frame against the filter bag.


8.Install filter bag frame positioner or fastening parts to make sure the bag / bag frame gasket works at the appropriate pressure.




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