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How to select a matching dust-removing bag according to different working conditions?
May 02, 2018

In the chemical industry, especially in the production of inorganic chemical basic materials, due to a large number of ore as raw materials, its crushing, grinding, The dust produced in transmission and production process and so on become the main source of productive dust in chemical enterprises. Common flammable dusts in chemical industry are polyolefin, plastics, resin, cellulose acetate, sulfur powder and pulverized coal. Since most of the flammable and explosive toxic chemicals exist in the chemical production process, once a dust explosion accident occurs, it is easy to trigger a chain reaction, leading to major leakage, fire or explosion accidents, which often cause extremely serious casualties. Bring huge losses to the enterprise.

The working mechanism of dust removal by polyester needle felt is that the dust is filtered through the filter material, the coarse dust is mainly collected by inertia collision, and the fine particle dust is collected by diffusion and screening. The dust layer of filter media also has certain filtration function. Polyester needle felt acid resistance, weak alkali resistance. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good recovery, poor electrical conductivity. The dust removal efficiency is high, the gas emission concentration is low, the continuous operating temperature is 130 ℃, and the instantaneous temperature is 150 ℃.

Acrylonitrile homopolymer (acrylonitrile) exhibited good resistance to organic solvents, oxidants, inorganic and organic acids at temperatures below 125 ℃. Acrylic dust bag has the advantages of strong hydrolysis resistance, high strength, good elastic recovery, stable size, good wear resistance, good porosity, good permeability and long service life. Acrylic dust-cloth bag also has strong chemical stability, not only can filter the normal temperature gas, but also can filter the medium temperature gas, at the same time, it is the ideal choice of the chemical industry acid-base corrosive gas condition filter material.

If the flue gas temperature of chemical plant is higher than 150 ℃ and the filter material is acid resistant and durable, the PPS dust-removing bag can be selected.

PPS dust bag is a kind of dust bag with high temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance. It has a good melting point of 285 ℃, a continuous use temperature of 160 ℃, and a instantaneous use temperature of 190 ℃. It can be used to purify blast furnace gas and filter flue gas in chemical industry.

PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene dusting bag is a filter material.PTFE dusting cloth made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene fiber), which has a very strong adaptability to temperature, humidity and corrosive gas, especially for high concentration, high humidity, and fine particle dust gas, which is more effective in using PTFE in chemical plant waste incineration.

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