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How to choose filter material accoridng to the properties of dust gases
Jan 31, 2018

Gas temperature

The temperature of dust-containing gas is an important factor in the selection of filter bag. Usually, the dust-containing gas less than 130 is called normal temperature gas, and the dust-containing gas greater than 130 is called high-temperature gas. Therefore, the filter bag can be divided into two categories: the normal temperature filter bag below 130 and the high temperature filter bag above 130 . A suitable filter bag should be selected according to the flue gas temperature. In practical work, the gas of 130 200 should be called as medium temperature gas, but the filter bag should be selected for high temperature type.

The temperature of the filter bag is "continuous long-term service temperature" and "instantaneous short-term temperature". "Continuous and long-term use temperature" refers to the long-term temperature which can be applied to the filter bag and run continuously. The "instantaneous short-term temperature" refers to the maximum temperature which is not allowed to exceed 10 min per day. If the time is too long, the filter bag will soften and deform.

Gas humidity

The dust-containing gas is divided into three states according to the relative humidity: when the relative humidity is below 30%, the relative humidity is dry gas, and the relative humidity is between 30% and 80%. Gas relative humidity above 80% is high humidity gas. For high humidity gas, it is in high temperature state, especially when dust gas contains SO2. These will not only cause scaling and blockage on the filter bag surface, but also corrode structural materials, so special attention should be paid to it.

The chemical properties of gases.

In all kinds of furnace flue gas and chemical waste gas, there are many chemical components, such as acid, alkali, oxidant, organic solvent and so on, which are often influenced by temperature, humidity and other factors.

Therefore, the selection of filter bag must be based on the chemical composition of dust-containing gas, grasp the main factors, and make comprehensive consideration.

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