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How the dust bag is broken?
Jul 02, 2018

Mechanical damage

The primary manifestation of this phenomenon is that the non-woven layer of the filter material is worn out and dropped. This phenomenon is due to the uneven distribution of the air flow and the erosion of dust on the outside of the filter bag under high filtering wind speed; perhaps it is because the filter bag equipment is not in place. This may lead to conflict between the filter bags and damage; perhaps the blowpipe equipment is not straight, resulting in 30-40 centimeters of mouth planning holes, loss of filtering function. In detail, the filter bag top is damaged, the filter bag body is damaged, the bottom of the filter bag is damaged

The main results are as follows:

(1) the breakage of the bag top is within 30-40 cm below the bottom of the bag mouth, which is mainly reflected in the bottom blowing and falling of the filter material. Most of the reasons such as too high compressed air, inclined blowpipe, deformation of floral plate and so on, should pay attention to the quality of the equipment in the process of the equipment.

(2) for a long time the body orientation filter bag and skeleton touch part of the bag are worn out by pulse injection which shows the obvious wear trace in the direction of the bar. Attention should be paid to the filter bag and skeleton normative collaboration, dust removal skeleton appearance of the finish and so on.

 (3) the wear and tear of the broken bottom of the filter bag is more common, perhaps because the bottom of the bag cage is too small or the filter bag is too long, the bag cage can only support the bottom part of the bag. Filter bag ash removal and filtration when the action is too large to form the inside of the bottom of the filter bag wear. Perhaps the dust accumulation is too high to form the eddy-wear filter bag.



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