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How moisture and temperature affect the airflow in the bag house?
Jul 09, 2018

Under the condition that the water vapor content in the air is constant and the air pressure is constant, the temperature of air cooling to saturation is called dew point temperature. Generally speaking, as the temperature decreases, the air becomes denser and the moisture in the air decreases. If the air temperature reaches the dew point in the dust removal system, the steam in the air flow will be condensed in the pipe system or the dust collector, thus causing the above problems.

 Many reference meters used in the design of dust removal systems, fan performance curves and industrial rules of thumb are based on "standard air conditions", in which the temperature is 70 °F, the total pressure is less than 20 inches of water column specification, the moisture content is free and the altitude is high, It also ignores the weight and volume of dust. The problem is that very few dust removal systems operate under standard air conditions. If the air temperature and water content of the air flow into the dust removal system are higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the water content is more than 2, we can abandon these standard air assumptions to reflect our actual working conditions more accurately, thus avoiding many performance problems.


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