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Four steps to select a dust filter bags
Apr 16, 2018

First, know the flue gas temperature to be treated: filter bag as the core component of bag dust collector.Whether the selected filter material can adapt to flue gas temperature is very important.If the normal use temperature of filter material exceeds the temperature of flue gas too much, because of the high cost of high temperature filter material, the equipment investment will increase.If the normal use temperature of filter material is lower than the temperature of flue gas, it is possible to destroy the cloth bag and cause great economic loss.So how to select filter media according to flue gas temperature?

According to the operating temperature, the filter media can be divided into three parts: below 130 ℃ for normal temperature, 180 ℃ for medium temperature and 180 ℃ for high temperature.Know whether the flue gas temperature and the use temperature of the filter material can be selected.

The second step is to know the composition of flue gas: this includes dust content, specific gravity, particle size, viscosity, moisture content of flue gas and so on.Through the understanding of these decisions on the dust precipitator cleaning method, filter media aftertreatment method and filtration speed.In general, pulse bag filter is used in the case of large amount of dust and relatively sticky and light dust. Most of the filter speed is more than 1.2 m / min, and a few cases are less than 1m / min.Other, depending on the situation, the use of high-pressure backblow dust collector and cyclone dust collector.The post-treatment methods of filter material are generally microporous film, water repellent and oil repellent, antistatic (adding conductive yarn when weaving), etc., according to the situation.

The third step is to know the amount of flue gas to be dealt with: the treated air volume of the dust collector usually consists of the operating air volume plus the air leakage coefficient of the system (10 / 15).Knowing the handling air volume of the dust collector, the filter wind speed can be obtained by the formula: s = Q / 60 V.Among them, S: total filter area Q: system processing air volume: filter wind speed 4, know the above points, do you have a certain number of the dust collector you want to order?As for the structure layout of the dust collector, the size and quantity of the filter bag, the form of the pulse valve, and the number of the dust collector manufacturer, you just need to check and accept the dust removal effect according to the parameters you get above and the required dust removal effect.

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