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Filter Material finishing technogy
Mar 27, 2018

Fluorine treatment

The filter materials have better performance in corrosion resistance, dust removing ablity, air permeablility after fluorine treament, thus delaying the service life of the filter material

After finishing processing treatment

Through the completed finishing treatment, the filter materials have better formation, higher dimensional stability, easier to cleaning, and improved the application effect.

Filter material structure designing technogy

With the combination of ultrafine fiber and advanced needling technogy, a more compact layer is formed on the surface of filter material than that of common filter material, which is especially effective for filtering samll granule.

Compound technogy

According to actual working enviroment and fiber characteristic, the filter materials can be compounded.and using different finising treatment, the filter material have different properties such as acid resistant and flame retardance.

Foam coated processing technogy

Processing the lotion with fluorine into foam by using foam expansion equipment to discontinuously film on the surface of the filtration, this will strength its corrosion resistant quality and improve the capability of dust cleaning.

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