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Filter bags in Aluminum industry
Jul 19, 2018

Aluminum industry has to face the most stringent environmental control laws and regulations. A large number of pollutants will be produced in many stages of primary aluminum manufacturing process, which require corresponding treatment and dust removal.


Fushun Tianyu filtration Material Co.,ltd has long been providing the aluminum industry with the appropriate filter media, and we have a good understanding of the particular challenges faced by primary aluminum producers in this industry. From processing and drying raw materials to calcination, anode roasting, electrolytic reduction in electrolytic cells, reflex furnaces and foundry operations, particulate emissions (including direct discharge and escape), all of which need to be controlled and dusted. Bag houses are often used in air pollution control, but some of these processes produce gas chemicals that make these processes particularly difficult.


Based on our extensive application experience, Fushun Tianyu Filtration material Col,a offers a range of products aimed at maximizing the benefits of dust removal systems in aluminum plants.

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