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Dust bag inside wear
Sep 03, 2018

The inside breakage of the filter bag is mostly due to the large difference between the outer diameter of the bag cage and the inside diameter of the filter bag, which results in the excessive swing amplitude of the filter bag when cleaning and switching, and the inside of the filter bag is rubbed with the cage, resulting in the inside wear of the filter bag. The inner damaged position of the filter bag is located at the pocket cage, and there are rust marks in the abrasion place, most of which are the oxidation layer formed on the surface of the bag cage after corrosion. At this time, the surface of the bag cage is like sandpaper, and the filter bag will be seriously rubbed once every time the ash is removed, and finally the filter bag will be worn. The inside wear of the filter bag can be avoided by using a high quality bag cage that matches the filter bag. The dust-removing bag is the heart of the dust collector, and the failure of the filter bag will make the whole equipment unable to work properly. The wear of filter bag is mainly related to the design and application, manufacture and installation quality of dust collector. The wear process begins locally, but as long as a small wear hole is formed, it will spread quickly and cause more damage to the filter bag. Therefore, it is also an important factor to avoid large-scale filter bag wear by strengthening inspection and detection during operation, and early detection of small wear.

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