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Damage of filter bag by High temperature flue Gas
Feb 11, 2018

High temperature burning

The damage caused by high temperature to the filter bag is fatal. Because the pulverized coal particles are very small and especially sticky after drying, and the ash removal is not ideal, a large amount of dried coal powder is left on the surface of the filter bag, and the burning point of this dried coal powder is very low. When the high temperature smoke enters the dust collector, the pulverized coal on the surface of the filter bag will be ignited quickly, which will cause the filter bag and skeleton of the whole dust collector to be completely destroyed.

Mars burn

In addition to burning at high temperatures, Mars in flue gas can also cause serious damage to filter bags, such as coke ovens, drying kilns, chain grates, cupolas, electric furnaces, blast furnaces, mixed-iron furnaces, and so on. If the treatment of Mars is not timely, especially when the dust layer on the filter bag surface is thinner, Mars will burn the filter bag through and form an irregular round hole. But when the dust layer on the filter bag surface is thicker, Mars will not burn the filter bag directly. But will cause the filter bag surface to form the dark color baking trace.

High temperature shrinkage

Damage to the filter bag caused by high temperature smoke is the high temperature shrinkage. Although the use temperature of each filter material is different, when the smoke temperature exceeds its use temperature, if the meridional shrinkage of the filter bag is too large, the filter bag size in the length direction becomes shorter. The bottom of the bag is tightly supported by the skeleton and damaged by force (see figure 3). If the weft heat shrinkage of the bag is too large, the size of the bag will become smaller in the radial direction, and the bag will be tightly strapped to the skeleton, even unable to pull out the skeleton. Thus, the bag will always be in a state of stress. It causes the filter bag to shrink and deform, harden and brittle, speed up the strength loss and reduce the life of the filter bag. Because the filter bag will be tightly strapped on the skeleton after deforming, it is difficult to deform the filter bag during ash cleaning, which is not conducive to the soot removal by jet blowing, which leads to the high resistance of the filter bag.

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