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Cooling method of High temperature flue Gas in bag filter
Feb 07, 2018

The cloth bag dust collector should choose the high temperature filter material when dealing with the high temperature flue gas. Now the glass fiber filter material is widely used, which can withstand the high temperature 260 , but when the temperature of the flue gas exceeds the permitted temperature of the filter material, before entering the bag dust collector, There are generally three methods of cooling (which should be maintained above the dew point temperature) before cooling:

1. Natural cooling, lengthening of the length of the pipeline for conveying gas, natural convection and radiative heat dissipation between the pipe and the surrounding air to cool the gas. The space occupied is large.

2. Water cooling: there are two methods, one is to spray water directly into the high temperature smoke, cooling, can be used as a special spray cooling tower, the section wind speed of the cooling tower is generally 2-3.5 meters / s, in order to prevent the water mist from entering the bag dust collector, The temperature control system can be used to regulate the water quantity.

(3) mixing cold air, inhaling ambient air in a certain amount, means mixing with high-temperature smoke to reduce the temperature. When catching high-temperature flue gas by means of a trap cover, one can simultaneously inhale ambient air. This method, though simple, is simple. But the volume of the filter gas increases a lot.


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