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Classification of filter bags wear
Mar 12, 2018

The common breakage failure of dust-removing bag mainly includes wear, burn and corrosion.

Bag wear refers to local wear caused by repeated switching of filter and backblow states, bulging and shrinking of cloth bags, relative movement between cloth bags and dust removal skeleton or other components, and erosion of high speed dust-containing airflow during the use of dust-removing bags.

The burning loss of the dust bag is due to the abnormal high temperature of the flue gas or the high temperature dust particle, which is higher than the tolerance temperature of the filter material, which causes damage to the filter material at the high temperature.


Filter bag corrosion is the chemical reaction of filter material caused by harmful components in flue gas, which results in the deterioration of mechanical properties and failure of filter media. The corrosion of filter bag occurs in the condition of smoke composition exceeding the standard, which can be divided into gas corrosion and liquid corrosion. Harmful gas components in the presence of liquid, more likely to cause damage to the filter bag.


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