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Causes and Solutions of Dewing in bag Dust Collector
Feb 08, 2018

The working principle of bag dust collector:

The bag dust collector is filter type dust removal equipment, which uses organic or inorganic fiber filter cloth to filter out the dust in the gas. The dust containing gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet, and the dust of the larger particles falls directly into the dust hopper. The gas containing particulate dust passes through the filter bag, and the dust is trapped on the outer surface of the filter bag. After purification, the gas is discharged into the atmosphere by the induced fan.

Dew cause

Condensation refers to the phenomenon that saturated moisture is precipitated from wet air at a certain pressure and temperature. The temperature point of precipitation is called dew point.

The higher the gas pressures in the saturated state, the lower the dew point. The higher the moisture content in the air, the higher the dew point temperature. When the moisture content in the air is constant, the moisture in the supersaturated air will precipitate when the humidity is below the dew point temperature. When the air temperature is higher than the dew point, there will be no precipitation of water, and there will be no condensation.

Measures to prevent Dewing of bag Precipitator

To prevent condensation, it is necessary to maintain that the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system is higher than its dew point at 2535 (if the dew point temperature of the kiln mill is generally controlled at 58 ), The operating temperature should be controlled above 90 in order to ensure the good effect of the filter bag. The measures are as follows:

1. Reasonable control of material moisture. All kinds of raw materials (limestone, clay, iron powder, fuel (coal) and mixed material (gypsum, slag) needed for cement production vary in water content, if stacked in a fixed rectangular pile shed, Prevention of rain can greatly reduce the moisture content of the material, which is an effective measure to reduce the moisture content of the material. Drying equipment can also be installed to dry its mixture to reduce moisture. (Our company is to install drying equipment and drying method of drying slag moisture.)

2 reduce air leakage. Air leakage in bag dust collector body should be controlled below 3.5%. In dust collector system, air leakage of process equipment, such as closed ash discharging valve of discharging port of ball mill, is reduced. The air leakage of the closed ash removal valve under the dust collector, the connection of the pipe flange, the manhole door, etc., because the air leakage will not cause serious dust pollution on the post, As a result, some company technicians and employees often do not attach importance to its impact. These are often ignored by maintenance managers, thus increasing the unnecessary air leakage and worsening the operating conditions of the bag dust catcher. The corresponding phenomenon will cause condensation.

(3) The dust-containing gas should be distributed evenly in the dust collector to prevent the appearance of eddy current in the edge corner to reduce the amount of gas passing here to form a local low temperature and cause the condensation problem.


4. Do well the heat preservation and rain protection of various places, such as dust removers, pipes, etc. According to the practice of our company, it has been proved that the good insulation measures can make the bag dust collector enter and exit temperature difference is very small. This is an effective measure to prevent condensation. In addition, good heat preservation can make the dust collector enter, the outlet temperature difference is less than 20 , when the inlet temperature is above 25 , and the dust collector can operate efficiently and stably.

5. Selecting the bag of dust collector with waterproof and anti-condensation, can greatly reduce the condensation and paste bag caused by the dust collector. At the same time, we should strengthen the maintenance, management, inspection of the dust collector daily, and solve the problem when we find that the dust collector has not been put forward to deal with it in time.


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