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Bag-type dust collector
Aug 27, 2018

Advantages: the bag dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, can remove fine dust particles, has a strong adaptability to deal with changes in gas volume, can capture a wide range of dust particle size, is the most suitable for the treatment of small particles with recovery value, and the structure is relatively simple. Operation is also relatively stable.


Disadvantages: the primary investment cost of the bag dust collector is high, the allowable temperature is low (high temperature is easy to burn), the temperature of the gas should be higher than the dew point temperature during operation, otherwise, it will not only increase the resistance of the dust collector, Even because the wet dust adhered to the dust filter bag surface, the dust collector can not work properly.


The bag dust collector cannot be used when the dust concentration exceeds the lower limit of dust explosion. In addition, the bag is easy to break, ash cleaning will cause dust to fly twice.



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