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Application of Electric bag Composite Precipitator in Thermal Power Plant
Feb 26, 2018

Electric bag composite dust is a new energy efficient dust collector is an organic integration of electrostatic precipitator and bag filter dust removal mechanism. Two kinds of electric bag composite dust remover adopts the whole layout, reasonable structure, bag over a number of special technology, has the advantages of compact structure, long cycle of dust cleaning, long service life of the filter bag, long-term operation stable, reliable, low maintenance cost, the characteristics of energy saving and high reliability.

A coal-fired power plant is a power plant that uses the combustion of coal to convert heat energy into electrical energy.



1. The electric bag composite dust collector is an inevitable trend to conform to the times

Coal has long been the main energy source in our country, and 70% coal is used for electric power generation. The development of coal-fired power plants in China has brought us convenience and speed, but we should also clearly see that at the same time, Coal-fired power generation is a serious threat to the earth's environment on which we live. The emissions of pollutants such as smoke and dust from coal-fired power plants are staggering. Relevant data show that. At present, the annual coal consumption of thermal power generation in China has exceeded 800 million tons, and the emissions of smoke and dust from power plants are about 3.5 million tons, accounting for 35% of the national industrial soot emissions. The emissions of fine particles (less than 10 microns) exceed 2.5 million ts. Fine particles are the main factors affecting urban atmospheric quality and visibility, and seriously endanger human health and directly affect our daily life. We should proceed in a normal and orderly manner. High quality work and study must require further improvement of dust removal technology in coal-fired power plants, which can be said to be closely related to our daily life.

With the continuous progress of modern society, we are faced with a precarious ecological environment. In order to effectively curb the emission of pollutants and improve the quality of the atmosphere, On July 29th 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Administration of quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine jointly issued the newly revised GB13223-2011 Standard for Atmospheric Pollutant Emission from Thermal Power plants, requiring smoke and dust emissions from newly built thermal power boilers starting from January 1st 2012. ≤ 30mg / r Nm3, and since July 1st 2014 all power generation boilers have been emitting less than 30mg / Nm3s of smoke and dust. Coal-fired power generation enterprises must strengthen the exploration and application of new technologies and equipment. The dust removal equipment of coal-fired power plants in China ranges from traditional high-efficiency multi-tube precipitators to low-resistivity Venturi precipitators or slanting bar grid precipitators to later electrostatic precipitators. After different historical periods, dust removal technology has been continuously updated and advanced. The coal-fired power generation industry has come to this day. The use and popularization of electric bag composite precipitator with high efficiency and stable dust removal performance has become an inevitable trend of the present era. Only when the electric bag composite dust collector is applied to the daily dust collection work of coal-fired power generation enterprises can it accord with the current situation. Policy and regulatory requirements.

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