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Analysis on the causes of filter bag breakage and its countermeasures
Apr 10, 2018

Bag breakage can be caused by mechanical damage, aerodynamic damage, thermal damage and any factor in polymer fiber cracking.

In the process of use, the tube sheet deformation causes the filter bag to tilt, and the bottom spacing of the filter bag is uneven.

Under the action of mechanical vibration and airflow, the bottom of the filter bag collides, causing holes and cracks in the filter bag near the entrance of the dust collector, resulting in mechanical damage.

The expansion and contraction of the filter bag and the skeleton produced impact pressure, which aggravated the damage degree.The aerodynamic damage of filter bag is mainly caused by the erosion of high speed dust-containing airflow at the inlet of dust collector or the accumulation of dust in the clean air chamber due to the damage of filter bag. The dust scour the filter bag with the movement of air flow during backblowing, which increases the damage of filter bag.In addition, a diversion plate is arranged at the entrance of the dust collector, which aims to disperse and guide the air flow and avoid direct erosion of the filter bag by high speed dust-containing airflow. However, the observation shows that the guide plate is not properly designed and installed.Not only can it not play the role of dispersing and dispersing the airflow, reducing the scour of the filter bag by the dust-containing airflow, but it will also wash itself into a hole, forming a local high speed dust-containing airflow, and creating a new scour point.The breakage of the filter bag is accelerated; when the rotary pulse ash cleaning device fails, the condition of the rotating arm is not seen in the observation hole, and the rotating arm is not found in time when it has stopped running, so it is continuously positioned in one position for a long time.Other filter bags did not get ash removal, resulting in resistance instead of drop, but increased, due to a long time continuous injection in one place, resulting in individual filter bag breakage.

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