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Analysis on the Cause of the Increase of the Resistance of the Precipitator
Apr 11, 2018

In the operation of the dust collector, if it is found that the resistance of the dust collector increases sharply in a short time, the problem of the dust collector should be added and adjusted.

Poor adjustment of cleaning device

Filter bag clogging

The main reasons of filter bag clogging are too fast filtration, fine dust, sticky dust, poor cleaning of filter bag and damp filter bag.If the filter gas velocity super filter bag is designed according to the design standard, it is easy to cause the fine dust in the airflow to be stuck inside the filter bag fiber.Thus, the filter bag is clogged.It is a better method to adopt membrane-coated filter material or precoat protective powder layer on the surface of filter bag.

Improper gas distribution

Poor adjustment of cleaning device

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