Nylon Monofilament Filter Cloth

Nylon Monofilament Filter Cloth

Filtration efficiency, breathable performance, easy to clean, strength
Product description

Supply of desalination plant filter cloth nylon monofilament filter cloth filter cloth Foshan fabric manufacturers single filament filter cloth.


nylon, polyester, polypropylene and vinylidene fluoride. Mainly to nylon and polypropylene.


Filtration efficiency, breathable performance, easy to clean, strength, service life is 10 times the normal fabric, the heat-setting treatment or rolling treatment, high stability, not easy to deformation. High filtration accuracy up to 0.005μm.


Heavy rapier loom weaving, single-woven, double woven, three woven and so on.


For the continuous production of alumina, phosphate fertilizer industry, cement, smelting, chemical industry, chemical fiber and other environmental nonferrous metals such as zinc oxide, cobalt oxide, alumina, potash, nickel cobalt ore, manganese ore and other mineral smelting, chemical dyes, coal mining Selection, potash, rare earth and other non-metallic mineral industries, for belt filter, vacuum drum machine, (flat plate, turntable, vertical plate) filter, leaf filter, candle filter, closed filter, Machine and other equipment.

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