PPS Filter Cloth

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a chemically stable, thermally stable, low-cost filter material. The filter cloth made of PPS needle felt is the preferred filter cloth for boiler dust collection in power plants.
The pps filter cloth has a specific gravity of 1.38 g/cm3, a melting point of 285 ° C, a breaking strength of 5.0 g/d, and a limiting oxygen index of 34. It is a crystalline high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastic with many properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance and flame retardancy. The PPS operating temperature is from 160 ° C to 200 ° C. PPS has excellent heat resistance, excellent acid and alkali resistance, excellent hydrolysis resistance, and is also a good flame retardant filter material with extremely high thermal stability. However, PPS has poor oxidation resistance and is prone to oxidative corrosion. PPS filter cloth can be applied to coal-fired boilers, as well as flue gas purification processes for waste incinerators, coke ovens, kiln furnaces, and chemical drying processes. It is also used in carbon black, powder collection, pneumatic conveying, chemical, cement, and electric power.
1, working temperature 170 ° C, short-term working temperature 232 ° C, melting point 285 ° C, limiting oxygen index 34 ~ 35.
2. It can be applied when the oxygen content is 15% or less.
3. Sulfur-containing or sulfur-containing oxides in fuels have been proven to be resistant to acid-base corrosion and chemical resistance.
4. The occasion of moisture in the flue.
5. under the temperature of 190 ° C ~ 232 ° C mining conditions, gas cloth ratio of up to 5:1 line cleaning and air cloth than 6:1 for offline cleaning, PPS filter felt dust filter bag has an excellent performance record.
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