Polypropylene Filter Cloth

With the company's research in various fields, the new polypropylene filter cloth is introduced, which effectively solves the shortcomings of the traditional filter cloth, which is easy to block and has low filtration efficiency, and ensures the interception of fine particles, which greatly reduces the filtration time.
Our company selects high-quality poly-fiber polypropylene needle felt. Polypropylene needle felt in addition to some of the advantages of ordinary needle felt, because polypropylene has more excellent than polyester fiber low acid, alkaline and lower softening point, so polypropylene needle felt is generally used in flue gas temperature below 100 ℃ and Acid, alkalinity higher occasions or acid, alkalinity greater liquid-solid separation.
It not only has the characteristics of good dimensional stability, high strength and small elongation, but also has the unique advantages of small vacuum resistance, energy saving and easy cleaning because of its smooth surface, porosity and high permeability. In the mineral processing, coal preparation, petroleum, chemical and other industries, the need to filter fine particles and ensure fine filtration occasions, polypropylene needle felts far superior performance than the traditional woven filter.
1. Excellent acid and alkali resistance and high tensile strength.
2. after the shaping treatment, smooth and flat, better ventilation and water permeability.
3. tough and durable, the filter cake is easy to peel off and extremely easy to regenerate.
4. The interface is made of acid-resistant, alkali-resistant and high-strength thread for durability.
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