Fiberglass Filter Cloth

Expanded glass fiber filter cloth weft yarn, referred to as glass fiber filter cloth, consists of puffed yarn. This product is mainly used for high-temperature atmospheric dust reduction and recovery of valuable industrial dust.
Because the yarn is fluffy, the covering ability is strong, and the gas permeability is good, the filtration efficiency can be improved, the filtration resistance can be reduced, and the dust removal efficiency can reach 99.5% or more. The product is mainly used for high-temperature atmospheric dust reduction and recovery of valuable industrial dust. For example, cement, carbon black, steel, metallurgy, electric power generation and coal-fired furnaces and other industries.
There are many varieties of glass fiber, including continuous fiber, fixed length yarn, and bulked yarn. They can be individually or mixed into filter cloths, and in recent years there have been fiberglass needle felts. In terms of filtration performance, continuous glass fiber permeability is similar to cotton yarn. The fixed length fiber yarn has good bulk and air permeability and good dust collection efficiency. The glass fiber bulked yarn is formed by the continuous glass fiber being blown by compressed air, so that the fibril is shortened and wound into a roll, which is bulky and bulky, and the volume is doubled, and the strength is obviously reduced.
According to the comparison of the filtration performance of various fabric structures of the glass fiber expanded yarn, it is preferable to retain the warp continuous fibers. Its cost is low, the glass fiber needle felt uses a thicker base fabric, and then is coated with ultra-fine short fibers. The fibers are pierced into the bottom with hundreds of needles to form a three-dimensional structure, which increases the airflow path and prevents dust. to raise efficiency. The surface of the filter cloth is heat treated to evenly flatten the surface, eliminating large pores, reducing the penetration and penetration of fine dust, thereby increasing the filtration speed.
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